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Najeha Uddin always had a passion for art and design. As a graduate in Fashion Design, she has decided to further expand her passion into jewelry making.

What had originally started off as a hobby years ago, has now turned into a full-time passion. She created EMIDESH which is a jewelry line that has been heavily influenced by rich East Indian culture with elements of bold Middle Eastern design, and a touch of Bohemian flare. The most fitting title for the EMIDESH experience would be “Bohemian Bollywood”.

Najeha creates pieces using mixed materials ranging from salvaged jewelry pieces to semi precious stones, chains and wires. She also enjoys taking apart old jewelry and recreating them into new one-of-a kind pieces. She creates them with the purpose of radiating exuberance for a variety of styles and occasions. Coupled with casual attire, EMIDESH adds an unmistakable intrigue. Alternatively, these pieces can be easily used to compliment an elaborate ensemble. The versatility of each piece makes EMIDESH familiar in any wardrobe. Each piece is a work of art and handcrafted meticulously with TLC. Najeha views jewelry making as a pure labour of love.